An Atom in the Universe

"All the matter in the Solar System, all summed together, contains about 10^57 atoms, or 10^29 human-beings-worth of atoms. So an atom, compared to you, is approximately as tiny as you are in comparison to the entire Solar System, combined.

But that’s just for perspective. The 10^28 atoms that are existing-as-you-right-now each have their own story stretching back to the very birth of the Universe. Each one has its own story, and so today I bring you the story of just one atom in the Universe. In isolation, a single atom isn’t so interesting, but as part of your body, right now, I can think of nothing more important.”

Here’s the story of just one of those atoms, and yet somehow, it’s very much the story of all of them.


Einstein by over the rainbow ~ on Flickr.

  Antares star and Scorpius Constellation by César Cantú

Below Zero

  "Cold astrophotography night, happy with the results. The image shows the fugg above the ground, light pollution, this image contains areas of the constellations of Sagittarius, Corona Australis Scutum Ophiuchus,& Aquila. Vega the bright star above the clouds in Lyra’s constellation" - Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer